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POCSAG pager ‐ 128 addresses ‐ IP 67 Its strenght, user‐friendliness and autonomy make BIRDY WPs r2 the perfect POCSAG pager in many fields of acƟ‐ vity.



BIRDY WPs r2 R3 128 is originally a POCSAG pager developped and manufactured by TPL Systèmes for the fire- fighters’ market. Commercialized since december 2010 in a POCSAG 8 RICs’ version, BIRDY WPs r2 128 is the latest and enhanced version including a larger number of RICs up to 128, as well as a mulƟ-color backlighƟng which enables to assign a color to a RIC. BIRDY WPs r2 128 has been designed to be used in tough condiƟons. It has a reinforced waterproofness level, enabling it to resist from splashes, dust, unavoidable bumps in field operaƟons, but also from accidental flooding up to 1m deep. BIRDY WPs r2 128 is made of robust materials. Its mechanical and electronic resistance grant a reliable use, wherever the user is. The synthesized version of the BIRDY WPs r2 128 is declined in more than 15 frequency bands (VHF and UHF). BIRDY WPs r2 128 is a new generaƟon pager, with enhanced performances in terms of autonomy (2000 hours), sensi- Ɵvity, waterproofness protecƟon level (IP 67), user-friendliness thanks to an MMI, idenƟcal to BIRDY III ACK pager’s. BIRDY WPs r2 128 can be configurate through a programming kit operaƟng on PC with a USB interface and an ergonomic customizaƟon soŌware, which also allows the upgrade of soŌ- ware developments. BIRDY WPs r2 128 integrates a MIFAIRE RFID Tag enabling pager’s iden- ƟficaƟon, as well as automaƟc door opening management, for example


Message Service Features – 128 addresses, with for 4 sub-adresses by address – Possibility of seƫng each address with a pre-defined message, a specific ringtone, a backlight color, etc… – Receiving memory of 20 messages of 256 characters each, which can be read by the user and 64 addiƟonal messages that can be checked through PC connecƟon, for a total of 84 messages. – Possibility to edit all the messages Ɵmestamped in memory, through personnalizaƟon soŌware. – Unread message alert – 21 alert melodies – Vibrate alert / Tone and vibrate /Vibrate then tone/ Silent mode – Low baƩery warning – LCD display up to 5 lines of 20 characters, RGB mulƟcolor backlight, modifiable zoom – Out of Range alert – ParƟal Over-The-Air (OTA) programming General – Powered by an alkaline cell or baƩery type AA –1,5V (+/- 2000 hours) – OperaƟng voltage : 0,9V minimum – Languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Dutch etc… – Weight: 96 grs (without baƩery) 120 grs (with baƩery) – Dimensions : 84.5 x 63.5 x 23.5 mm – Delivered with strap and plasƟc holster – OperaƟng humidity and temperature from –20°C to 60°C, 95% at 40°C – Storage humidity and temperature from –20°C to 70°C, 95% at 40°C – Alert siren : louder than 86 dBA 30 cm, freq. 2731Hz – Dry contact for external output (alert siren remote control) POCSAG / FLEX Features – Frequency : all frequencies within VHF, UHF upon request – Channel spacing: 12,5Khz; 20/25 KHz – Transmission speed : 512bps, 1200bps or 2400bps – ModulaƟon : NRZ – Frequency deviaƟon : +/- 4.5KHz – Receiver sensiƟvity at 1200bps : 3uV/m – SelecƟvity : 65dB +/-25KHz – Inter modulaƟon protecƟon : > 65 dB – Frequency stability :±10 ppm




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