Below are the terms and conditions of sale by making a purchase and entering to a sale you are accepting these conditions 


At Present and for the Foreseeable Future Pickups are not available, no matter how loud you yell or what claims or threats you make , this is not available for several reasons , all of which I have clearly explained in the past ,due to COVID at this stage I am not doing deliveries hopefully this will return sometime soon I will advertise this on the socials when It’s available until then the only shipping I offer is express tracked , I’m not doing sign in delivery at present as Australia post are not taking signatures

At present , south eastern communications can sell icom , kenwood , Motorola , uniden , rfi , zcg, Apollo pagers , tpl pagers , I do not sell or stock GME this is the choice of GME to black list smaller sellers their loss ,I do sell or stock Oricom as they have to many faults ,so don’t bother asking 

South eastern Communications is currently the Australian distributor for RTL SDR dongles, as well as Flight Aware ADSB products  

Trading hours are from 10:00am to 4:0opm Monday to Friday. However, I’m often out of the office, should you have an urgent question please use email as the point of contact  or leave a voicemail message and il return your call asap

Prices are subject to change due to exchange rate variations. and sometimes without notice


I understand what you want, and we can almost certainly help you! I am a radio nerd I know what radio nerds look for , come to someone who is active in the amateur community and an active radio user not just a salesperson 

I accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express* credit cards, Via PayPal Portal only , cheques (subject to clearance),Paypal ., and afterpay

direct deposits, internet transfers into  bank accounts!  also accept Australian Money Orders

BUT only for amounts under A$1,000!!

Payments must be in Australian dollars; not in NZD or in any other currency.

We do not accept C.O.D. orders, sorry. ALL parts orders require prepayment!


We don’t accept business or personal cheques without a prior agreement.

All Of these require funds to be cleared into my bank account before item is dispatched ****please be very aware some of these have longer transfer periods , eg afterpay can take up to 5 working days *** just because they say they have sent it , it’s not transferred right away same can be said for paypal , etc ,


I do not discuss and advertise my stock levels with every customer that calls , please refrain from pointlessly calling or emailing and asking if I have something in stock  as the response may offend ! if it’s advertised and available chances are it will be shipped as normal ,

Most products are in stock and most can be dispatched to you the same day! Excluding the larger and more expensive items , as i have explained many times in the past my storage space is not what it used to be , and to keep the prices down i don’t hold the larger more expensive items on site please take this into consideration 

All products include Australian GST. after payment is cleared to bank account, there are a few that I don’t keep on hand due to size and cost these are sent with in or up to AND INCLUDING 4 working days of payment clearing  

 Due to many of our products being priced below dealer cost, we reserve the right to limit sales. Any quantity pricing is by negotiation only.

If you intend programming your radio  then you may need an “application” such as a CPS or FPP as well applicable leads or hardware as well as and  “emulator” if your computer’s operating system is later than Windows XP, e.g. if using Windows 7 or 8.or 10 or you are using a mac or linux it’s on you to do your homework and ensure you purchase all the required items 

Our standard 1-year fully NON transferable warranty period applies to all products we import and sell new. is NOT transferable and is for the sole benefit of the original purchaser! We don’t offer replacement warranties on any new or used product we sell, regardless of brand, model, etc.WE DO NOT OFFER ANY warranty period FOR SECOND HAND ITEMS 

Unless stated or its in the description warranty claims are handled by the radios distributor or manufacturer , details on warranty claims and issues can be found in the instruction manual of the device as well as registration and contact details PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ THE MANUAL (rtfm) TO AVOID EMBARRASSMENT 


All Items that are returned to us must be done so with all original packaging including including any wrapping  and  internal  packaging , or protective covers etc (as sold condition is the term , meaning exactly as it was sold to you is how it should be returned ) 


Customer-caused or environment-caused damage is not covered by warranty.

Warranty applies only to proven factory faults in parts and/or workmanship.

All other faults are chargeable. Warranty cover is NOT insurance cover!


Please choose products carefully as we do not refund if you incorrectly chose. We do not sell products on a trial, test, evaluation, experimental or approval basis. Product returns approved by us will incur a restocking fee of 20% plus other relevant costs. Product returns not approved by us will NOT be accepted!!


Please choose products carefully or firstly ask us re their suitability, as

lately we have noticed more customers are ordering incorrect, unsuitable

or non-matching products for their application and/or expectations.


If you change your mind or simply order the wrong product and we despatch

that product then you must pay for its freight cost back to us AND for the freight cost to send you the correct product or the product you should have ordered in the first place, even if any ordered product was sent freight-free.AS WELL AS A 25% RESTOCKING FEE 

We are not liable for any costs if YOU order the incorrect/wrong product!

We don’t match overseas suppliers’ (this includes but not limited to  , eBay ali express , Alibaba gumtree or any other discount site ) prices, special offers, sales closeouts,

etc., unless our suppliers offer us the same/similar deals. Remember that you would almost certainly have to pay to send products which are faulty within

their warranty period back to overseas suppliers for warranty repair AND also pay for those products to be sent back to you when repaired under warranty.

Some overseas suppliers are simply not interested in any warranty repairs.


Please take these probable freight costs into account when comparing pricing

to suppliers both here and overseas. We do not have on-line secure ordering simply because of the accepted fact that at least 30% of most categories

of on-line ordered electronics are returned due to inappropriate ordering.

Please refrain from asking me to compete or match these ridiculous prices my response may offend !!  

By customers communicating with us BEFORE they purchase any product/s

they can often save all the hassles and costs associated with them having

to send back incorrectly or inappropriately ordered product/s. We pride ourselves on the expert help we gladly provide to customers every day!  

Prices, specifications, availability, options and colours are subject to change without notice or obligation. No responsibility accepted for errors or omissions.

last updated 17/11/2020