Victorian Micro SD Card For Uniden USDS100 Au Model


Victorian Micro SD Card For Uniden USDS100 Au Model

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Micro SD Card For Uniden USDS100 Au Model   Scanner

simple install simply remove card that’s in the scanner now and install this card turn on the scanner and away you go

This is A 16 or 32 GB Micro SD card (depending on availabity)  , this allows for better performance  , better speed and more space to store your recordings

this card will work with both the  Uniden USDS100 Au Model  this does not include the American models

Basic idea of chan plan for these are (subject to change remove update with out notice )

The Quick keys are set out as follows:-

02—CFA Dist 02       30– SES Metro Areas MMR
04– CFA Dist 04        31 –SES Outer Metro Areas RMR
05—CFA Dist 05        32 – FRV Metro areas MMR
06—CFA Dist 06        33 – FRV Outer Metro RMR “link “
07—CFA Dist 07        34 – LSV Life Saving Vic RMR
08—CFA Dist 08         35— ARFF Aviation Fire Service *N2
09—CFA Dist 09        37 – VHF Marine , Inc Marine Rescue Services
10—CFA Dist 10        38—RAV Net , A/V Rural VHF
11—CFA Dist 11        45– DELWP Land Management /Fire Units *N8
12—CFA Dist 12
13—CFA Dist 13
14—CFA Dist 14
15—CFA Dist 15
16—CFA Dist 16
17—CFA Dist 17
18—CFA Dist 18
20—CFA Dist 20
22 – CFA Dist 22
23– CFA Dist 23
24– CFA Dist 24
27— CFA Dist 27

N1— All FRV Talk groups on the RMR are also in the areas of coverage , ie southern and central is in region 8 etc
N2- ARFF will only be heard when in range of the airports i.e. suburbs close by
N9 – Simplex Fireground Chans have a limited Range and you will need to be in close proximity

Disclaimer !!!! Please Read and understand this will save us all a lot of frustration !!!

These cards DO NOT allow you to listen to any Encrypted Service including Police or any other encrypted service or network  ,  please be aware of the difference between encryption and digital transmission , these are two very different things also be aware of the different digital formats users and  services the “digital” format is not restricted to one format or system ie there is P25 , dmr , nxdn dpmr , just to name a few 

Please read and consider before purchasing the updated Card or file 

The information provided on the SD Cards is supplied for enthusiast use only and is not intended to replace a dedicated Emergency Services supplied Radio.
Do not rely on any information heard via your Scanner as 100% Situations can change rapidly 
Always listen to advice from trained and authorised Emergency Services personnel. And follow their direction , never use the information that is provided with in this card or what you hear to commit or assist in committing a crime or interfering with the Emergency Services

if i /we believe or have a belief you are using this for the wrong reasons or uses other than its intended use i/we have the right to cancel order and refund the order in full , this also could involve contacting emergency services /authorities if the concern and actions require it , you have been warned !! 

This Database is compiled using the latest available information from various sources including web pages forums , ,= private submissions and the Acma Databases to name a few  While every effort is made to provide the most accurate information, the nature of the data is such that it could change without notice. All Control Channels freq and talk groups   are subject to change without notice.and is beyond our control while every effort is made to ensure the files are as up-to-date as possible some times networks and systems change with out notice this includes but is not limited to digital systems using encryption and users changing from analogue to digital  

All the information in this file is in the public domain and can be found with some time in front of google forums or databases , even your own research by searching and finding users none of the information in this is illegal or against the law  in Australia ,   its is legal to listen to any radio traffic that’s ANY radio traffic with the exception mobile phone pstn patch’s or phone connected links pretty much anything to do with a phone or phone connection is against the law ANYTHING else is open and can be freely monitored be it ESO Private Government or other user  

The Database is our base database, we encourage everyone to download Sentinel Software and open the data up, explore it and verify it. Learning to use the software will make it easier for you to apply your own updates and make any changes to make the database more specific to your needs or location. The database is constantly being reviewed, revised, updated and corrections made. This is by no means ‘perfect’.as stated above the networks and systems are always changing some times these are sudden or we are not aware i/ we encourage you to learn ho to make your own changes if needed 

Once you purchase a copy on sd card or download copy  , future updates are FREE and available as a downloadable link or using a coupon code that will be supplied depending on requirements  . The link will provide you with either a completely revised data base or the individual Favorite List that has been updated depending on requirements . To apply the updates you may either have to be fluent in the use of Sentinel Software or confident in downloading the data and then applying it to a new  existing or formatted  SD Card.should you wish to have a new card then a cost will be incurred , 

I will be happy to offer basic support for the update via email , but please understand that you may need to apply these updates yourself. If you would prefer for me to apply the update for you, I can do so, charging only for shipping and handling of a pre-paid return envelope.

should you have an existing card and want it updated , please contact me by email  regarding this option and the above mentioned requirements

Should you have any questions about this card its operation its inclusions or  updates please contact me by email before you purchase this card or file

This product is for those who are willing to pay for the convenience of a ready to go SD Card. The information provided in the data-base is available FREE on the internet via various searches. I do NOT own the information one persons owns any of the information  Your buying the ‘configuration’ of the data-base.and the time it has taken to compile and enter it into the data base  NOT the information.The purchase of any card from this web site is on the understanding that you have read the information provided and understand the procedure required to install the updated  SD Card in your Scanner.

should you wish to add or submit any info for inclusion for the ext update , please send the data to [email protected] and every effort will be made to verify it and include it in the next update






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