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Pactel Wide-Band Discone Antenna


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Pactel Wide-Band Discone Antenna




Pactel Wide-Band Discone Antenna

Pactel Wide-Band Discone Antenna working on 25-1300-MHz in reception and on many amateur Frequencies in transmission [2 m, 1 1/4 m, 70 cm, 33 cm].

It is made of Stainless Steel, chromed brass and anodized aluminium to guarantee the best efficiency and performance. Easy to fit, it can be suitable for the installation everywhere. The vertical whip can be removed whenever the 50 MHz frequency is not required.

Frequency range

(RX band )          : 25-1300 MHZ

(TX band )           : 49.5..50.5, 120…180, 215…300,  415…465, 610…650; 700-1000, 1130…1300 MHz

Impedance          :50 Ohm Unbalanced

Radiation (H-plane : 360 Omnidirectional

Polarization            : Vertical

Gain                       :0 dB-2.15 dB at low frequency

Max Power             : VHF 300 watts, UHF 200 Watts

Feed System/ Position : Direct / Centre


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