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TPL Birdy Slim V2 IoT pager


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TPL Birdy Slim V2 IoT pager

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TPL Birdy Slim V2 IoT pager

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The TPL Systèmes Birdy Slim V2 IoT pager is a next-generation device that receives and transmits over standard POCSAG paging. It also includes options to work on LPWAN IoT networks including LoRa and Sigfox to give redundant paths to deliver and receive critical messages.

By adding multiple response paths Birdy Slim V2 can send an automatic acknowledgement when a message is received and a confirmation of response by the user advising if they are available to respond to the request.

Also included in the design is Bluetooth Beacon and GPS for indoor and outdoor location, which, combined with the in-built accelerometer, gives full SOS, man-down and lone worker capability.

The Birdy Slim V2 also includes a module enabling workforce management from the device so responders can easily change their status of availability depending on their circumstances.

Lightweight and smaller than a mobile phone, it rests in the hand and is easy to carry in a pocket or on a belt. Despite this the Birdy Slim V2 is a rugged device offering high-performance features including an IP67 protection rating, RFID tag, large high-resolution display with 7-colour backlight and up to 128 capcodes.

The Birdy Slim V2 comes with a sleek and compact fast charging cradle using the latest Li-ion battery technology, which enables it to run for up to 7 days on a full charge depending on usage.

Birdy Slim IoT is a 2Way POCSAG pager designed and manufactured by
TPL Systèmes to be used in every environment and situation where a
small and light paging device is required.

Based on a brand new electronic architecture both on logic and radio, Birdy

Slim IoT integrates the latest components available on the market.

Smaller than a mobile phone, it holds in
your hand and is very easy to carry in a
pocket or on a belt.
Despite its lightness, Birdy Slim IoT is
a rugged paging device offering high
performance features: rugged case, IP
67 protection rate, RFID tag inside, large
display with color backlight.

Birdy Slim IoT is a 128 RIC pager, available in many frequency ranges, in

synthesized version, for POCSAG or FLEX

Birdy Slim IoT is also able to transmit POC-
SAG messages through a centralization

receiver. This enables to use it as a pager

with acknowledgement receipt, Man-
Down and SOS transmit functions … etc.

It offers also IoT transmission capability
and is able to work under LoRa or Sigfox

Birdy Slim IoT carries a GPS module for

outdoor geolocation and also a Blue-
tooth one for indoor geolocation with BT

beacons of TPL Systèmes IPS solution.
Birdy Slim IoT is bundled with a desktop
charger, which offers a very compact and
functional design. A Lite model is also
Birdy Slim IoT is equipped with a LED
flashing light, high luminosity, to advise
that an alarm is being received. Remote

pager fleet management is also avai-lable for Birdy Slim IoT thanks to its

eBirdy solution. TPL Systèmes has deve-
loped specific protocols for this Smart-
pager for IPS and ackback management.

Whatever can be your needs, you will
find with the Birdy Slim IoT the perfect
and Smart pager that you can expect,
to provide high level features for Fire

Brigades, Red Cross, Industry, Hospitals, Entertainment centers, Campus Schools networks.

General Features:
✓ POCSAG Receiver
✓ Multicolour backlight display
✓ Battery 3,7V-700mAh
(LoRa)transmitter for ACK,
STATUS etc….
✓ Frequency Rx: VHF – UHF all
frequencies upon request
✓ Tx frequencies: UHF for Pocsag
and 930 Mhz for IoT
✓ RFID Mifaire 1Ko
✓ Bluetooth Beacon Connectivity
✓ GPS for Outdoor Location
✓ IP 67 Rating

Standard package:
✓ Birdy Slim IoT pager
✓ Battery
✓ Belt Clip
✓ Lanyard



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