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Micro SD Card For Uniden UBCD536PT Scanner


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Micro SD Card For Uniden 435HP CFA Scanner



Micro SD Card For Uniden UBCD536PT Scanner

this is a updated SD card that has the mmr /existing CFA , mmr mas ravnet vicpol vhf and a few other services loaded

simple install simply remove card that’s in the scanner now and install this card turn on the scanner and away you go


This is A 16 or 8 GB Micro SD card (depending on availabity)  , this allows for better performance  , better speed and more space to store your recordings


this card will work with both the UBCD436PT  /536PT  digital scanners and the CFA PT model


Basic idea of chan plan for these are (subject to change remove update with out notice )

The Quick keys are set out as follows:- 

The Quick keys are set out as follows:-
02—CFA Dist 02     23– CFA Dist 23
04– CFA Dist 04      24– CFA Dist 24
05—CFA Dist 05     27 – CFA Dist 27
06—CFA Dist 06    80– Ambulance outer areas and vhf  rav net
07—CFA Dist 07    81 – MFBES
08—CFA Dist 08
09—CFA Dist 09   83—Air Band
10—CFA Dist 10   84—Hamband
11—CFA Dist 11   86– VHF marine
12—CFA Dist 12    87 –Road Services
13—CFA Dist 13    88 –Life Saving Vic
14—CFA Dist 14    89– ARFF
15—CFA Dist 15    90 –St Johns Ambulance
16—CFA Dist 16    91—CB Band 99
17—CFA Dist 17    92—Yarra Trams
18—CFA Dist 18   98—CB Band 98
20—CFA Dist 20   – FRV link
22 –CFA Dist 22  – penlink  (dmr udate required )





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