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Icom OPC 592 Program Lead


Icom OPC 592 Program Lead

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Icom OPC 592 Program Lead ,

Contains Lead and Driver Disk , NO PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE INCLUDED with lead this is available from several locations on the internet


  • Compatible Model:
    IC-A110, IC-A110B, IC-A110EURO, IC-A200, IC-F310, IC-F310S, IC-F320, IC-F320S, IC-F410, IC-F410S, IC-F420, IC-F420S, IC-F1010, IC-F1610, IC-F1020, IC-F2010, IC-F2020, IC-F2610, IC-F1610N, IC-F2610N, IC-FR3000, IC-FR3100, IC-FR4000, IC-FR4100


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