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FDP DMR 50W UHF Digital Repeater


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FDP DMR 50W UHF Digital Repeater



FDP DMR 50W UHF Digital Repeater

The FDP DMR Repeater is a commercial grade competitively priced digital repeater, intended for the Land Mobile Radio Service, covering 400 – 470Mhz. Uses TDMA Dual Slot Tier II digital, and is compatible with Mototrbo, Simoco, Tait, Vertex Standard and Hytera DMR. Base Radio capable with use of an optional microphone. This repeater can be supplied with or without a tuned or untuned internal duplexer and an IP Network Connectivity Module for connection via Ethernet.  Also usable by licenced Hams on 70cm in analogue mode with wide or narrowband.



Mode:  DMR MOTOTRBO (TM) Compatible

TDMA Dual Slots – Tier II Digital

Frequency Range:  400 – 470Mhz 4FSK & 430 – 450Mhz (70cm) F3E

Channels: 99

Channel spacing: 12.5Khz/25Khz

Power Output: 5W to 50W

Modulation: 4FSK –  7K60FXD   7K60FXE  &  16K0F3E   10K1F3E

Internal Power Supply: 100-264VAC 50/60Hz 100% Duty Cycle @ 50W TX

Weights:  =<15kg

Sensitivity: 5% BER<= -117dBm – digital

Internal Duplexer Module Option

IP Network Connectivity Module Option

Base Station and Dispatch Mode with external microphone (DMR only)

Self diagnosing and error reporting

TIA/EIA-603S and MIL-STD-810 Standard

Compliant to ETSI and AS

Capable of automatically detecting and switching between 4FSK and F3E on 70cm if set up for such (hybrid channel).


Internal Duplexer Module

The Internal Duplexer Module is offered as an optional extra.  This is because some setups may require an external third party duplexer or multiplexer.  At this stage the duplexer module is not offered as a separate purchase, but with the repeater if require.  The duplexer can be offered either tuned at the factory or untuned.  Intended frequency segment is required, for duplexer supply if untuned.

Duplexer Specifications: @10Mhz split / 5Mhz split

Bandwidth: +-300Khz / +-100Khz

Insertion Loss: <0.7dB / <1.2dB

Max. Power Input: 50W / 30W

Isolation and Suppression: >80dB

V.S.W.R: <1.3

Nominal Impedance: 50 ohms


Best value Approved Digital Repeater available in the Australian Market.

VHF 137-174Mhz and UHF 470-512Mhz versions are planned for the future.



Repeater Base unit:  $2574.00 inc

Internal Duplexer Module: add $140.00 inc

Internal IP Network Module: add $170.00 inc

Repeater Microphone: add $46.00 inc

Programming Cable: add $24.00 inc


Note:  The IP Network Connectivity Module will only work with other FDP DMR Repeaters and also with the BrandMeister IP Network (popular with Hams).


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